About us (elementor)

About us

Selected Georgian wines with delivery. Since 2016, people looking for new tastes have been finding them in our - the only one in the Baltics - collection: red, white, amber/orange, rosé wines from Georgia, recognised by UNESCO as the cradle of winemaking. Incomparable wines with a history of 8000 years are now at the peak of popularity with prestigious awards, places in Michelin wine lists and on the shelves of wine boutiques all over the world. Our collection is first hand wines from independent winemakers, limited - even in Georgia - range, honest wines of European and unique Georgian technology.


The world's oldest traces of wine bones and wine vessels have been found in Georgia. 8000 years ago Georgians made wine in clay jugs buried in the ground - kvevri. Georgians are like bunches on a grapevine, which has been growing for centuries and unites them by a special culture of wine consumption and production. Wine for a Georgian is a genetic code, a call of the earth. That is why this tradition is eternal and eternally young: people of various professions make wine in Georgia according to the precepts of their ancestors, renewing the process according to the calendar of the epoch. One thing is inviolable: a jug buried in the ground, which produces wine of 525 grape varieties with as many shades of flavour, each of which is incomparable, let alone confusing.


Ruben Panasyan, the founder of Locale and Alaverdi restaurants, has over 40 years' experience in gastronomy. Wine has accompanied him since his childhood: in Georgia, there is no other way around it. Having absorbed the table culture of Tbilisi with its special blend of flavours and culture of relations between people, Ruben Panasyan decided to offer this beauty to the world. His guides to the world of modern Georgian winemaking and its best samples were the Georgian Ambassador to Latvia Teimuraz Janjalia, winemaker Berdia Berishvili and a fine wine connoisseur Mikhail Khundadze. Reeling from them, Ruben gathered his collection step by step, from winemaker to winemaker, from heart to heart. It is distinguished not only by rare, unlike anything else wines. But the light of love is tangibly present in each drink. The one called Georgia.